“I think this program brings out the best in all the students and the instructors. Despite very different backgrounds, political views, and religious beliefs, the Inside/Out class became a weekly gathering where students shared their views on the materials assigned for that week while expressing themselves without bias or prejudice, which is a very rare experience in our society.” Inside Student Fall 2010.

Our Mission Statement:

Education that approaches problems across profound social boundaries to create opportunities for people inside and outside of prison to collaborate in addressing crime, justice, and other areas of social concern.


The National Inside/Out Prison Exchange Program forges creative links between academia and prisons. Dr. Lori Pompa founded the program at Temple  University in 1997 and has since facilitated its spread across the country. Inside/Out classes and programming build lines of communication and relationships among and between professors, correctional officers, university personnel, prison administrators and programming staff, college students and incarcerated persons. The relationships that develop have the potential to shift thinking, create new understandings of social issues, and inspire a positive change in the community inside and outside the prison walls. The UT Inside/Out program is part of this innovative national movement in prison education.

The National Inside/Out Website

UT People for Change Blog

The UT Inside/Out program also runs a group that welcomes anyone who has offered or successfully completed a class.

Currently we have a group of 14 inside and outside students meeting on a bi-monthly basis.